TikTok made me do it! I cannot tell you how many times I say this in a week. If TikTok tells me to try it, you can bet I will. So far I have how to do a complete overhaul on my home on a budget, how to do professional make up, how to make crafts and how to cook. When I finally decide to tackle one or all of these things I have saved, it's over for all of you! lol 

For now, let's talk about how I am learning to make healthy food. I am addicted to veggies and all things healthy. From salads to meals to desserts, if TikTok tells me it's good for me, I'm going to give a shot. So far I am now into brussel sprouts, zucchini, chick peas and cabbage. Wait what....?

Who would have ever thought I would be eating cabbage as a meal? Well I tried it last week and here is the result. As you see in the photo, it was literally my meal. 'Cabbage steaks' and zucchini. The verdict is in, not crazy about it. No matter how many spices I used, I could not make it flavorful. I just couldn't get it right, so this particular TikTok recipe I will probably not be making again for awhile.

On to the next, I saw a TikTok for how to get my tile floors super clean with a Tide and bleach concoction....brb.
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