TikTok Made Me Do It!
TikTok made me do it! I cannot tell you how many times I say this in a week. If TikTok tells me to try it, you can bet I will. So far I have how to do a complete overhaul on my home on a budget, how to do professional make up, how to make crafts and how to cook. When I finally decide to tackle one o…
Dads:To Cook Or Not To Cook This Sunday?
Father's Day is this Sunday! Leo and I actually had a discussion this morning on the radio about a certain topic. The question I asked Leo (a dad) is, would you rather cook/throw something on the grill for yourself OR would you rather be cooked for?
Try This To Make The Perfect Bacon
As I was making breakfast for my littles this morning, (mother of the year I know-lol) I realized something. I make bacon differently than most if not all peeps. I learned a little trick years ago from a family friend and I've been making bacon this way ever since.
Five Things I Do Every Day At Home
As we continue with social distancing, staying home, working from home we are more than likely into a regular routine. I know in our household there are certain things we do and by 'we' I mean I because a mother's work is never done.
If you want me to throw down a dessert or a side dish on Thanksgiving, I'm all about it, all day, but when it comes to the actual turkey, forget it! You are speaking Greek to me if you try to throw some directions at me, thank goodness for my momma in that department, she does a fantastic job and we…