The first time I saw this, I thought it couldn't be real. This kid can turn his head almost 180 degrees!

I don't know where this kid learned he could do this, but that's definitely a way to get noticed. No worries, I'm definitely not going to try this at home!



We’ve all got our own unique little talents. Some of us can wiggle our ears, some of us can do cartwheels, and some of us can twist our heads all the way around on our necks like something out of “The Exorcist.” No big deal.

This kid demonstrates his disturbingly flexible neck by having his dad stand behind him and hold his head in place, and then turning his body around nearly 180 degrees and hugging him.

A couple of questions right off the bat - how did he discover this trait of his? Did someone put him in a headlock that nearly went horribly wrong? And how did “let’s see how far my neck can twist without snapping” sound like an appealing hobby to take up?

Also, seriously, is he possessed?

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