We talked about this this morning with Leo and Rebecca in the Morning.

It's no surprise that people have not been sleeping well during the pandemic.

So, what are people doing to help this.

The #1 answer was NOT WATCHING THE NEWS! before going to bed. I get it. Bad news, all the crazy headlines....causing to much stress to sleep good at night. So, yes, I see where skipping the daily news would probably help.


For me personally, it has always helped to drink a glass of Chocolate Milk! Yep, not sure hwy it helps but it does.

Other people answered the flowing....

Eating healthier . . . exercising . . . reading books before bed . . . listening to music before bed . . . taking a warm bath or shower before bed . . . meditating . . . having sex before bed . . . taking an over-the-counter sleep aid . . . and getting better pillows.

Has anything particular helped you sleep better during the pandermic?