The Game has never been shy about making bold claims and he recently crowned himself the G.O.A.T. of Compton, Calif. rap.

The proclamation came when Chuck was on a Clubhouse chat with fellow West Coast rhymers Crooked I and Glasses Malone on Saturday night (Jan. 30), and the topic of the best rapper to come out of Compton came up. “Can’t nobody in Compton outrap Game, nigga. Can't nobody in Compton outrap me," Game boasted.

Obviously, Kendrick Lamar is seen by many as the king of the CPT when it comes to bars. Game begged to differ. "Kendrick my nigga," Game said. "Kendrick doing his shit. I love that nigga to death. Nigga, I flew past Kendrick when that nigga was on foot, nigga, in a Range Rover and showed him how to do this shit. Don't play. Don't play with Game name. Compton, nigga. Hardest nigga in Compton, rapping, lyricist, me. Any nigga that say any different, I'll body him and any nigga he fuck with.”

Game later admitted to being under the influence of alcohol, but he still stuck to his claims. "I'm off a few shots of tequila and I'm feeling real Rosecrans and Wilmington, tonight," he added, referencing the infamous Compton intersection. "Them niggas can't fuck with Chuck."

When asked who is Compton's best rapper after him, Game gave props to Kendrick Lamar, MC Ren and DJ Quik.

Truth be told, Game did help give Kendrick's career a boost in the early years as the TDE rapper frequently opened up for the former G-Unit artist when he was getting his feet wet. Game also featured a young Kendrick Lamar on tracks like "Cali Niggaz" and "The Cypha."

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