So I'm walking around the car lot because that's what I do, I walk around car lots. LOL Today I ended up walking around a car lot and I'm checking out all cars and trucks and I'm thinking to myself, I wonder what is the most popular color of car or truck in the nation? I am currently a truck owner and have been for the last seven or eight years and I love me my truck. I've owned a blue truck. I currently own a black truck. But, what is the most famous color vehicle in America today? Well, according to Kelley Blue Book the most common color of car today is silver that's right, silver. The second most popular color of vehicle is white . That's right, white. Then, the colors are followed by black and red. So, if you're driving a silver vehicle congratulations you are part of the most popular color of vehicle group in the nation. I used to own a silver car and a silver truck. One thing I remember about owning a silver vehicle was that it didn't get dirty as often. I guess, I should say it did it look dirty as often. Now, that I have a now that I have a black jacket black truck, you definitely can tell when it's dirty . What color vehicle do you have and are you happy with it? Does the color of vehicle really mean a lot to you ? Is it important what color vehicle you have? As for B93 , well you should know the color of that vehicle is purple .

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