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A Texas boutique owner has been charged with a hate crime and is now out on $1,000 bail. Her arrest stemmed from a viral video in which a seemingly drunk woman goes on an anti-LGBTQ tirade against a couple. She allegedly verbally and physically assaulted the victims.

According to KXAN:

Evan Noelle Berryhill, 28, of San Angelo, was booked into the Tom Green County Detention Center on Aug. 8 and charged with assault (physical contact) because of bias or prejudice, a hate crime in Texas.

Berryhill was arrested at the boutique she owns in San Angelo, Texas. Here's the viral video, with her offensive slurs bleeped out. However, her run-of-the-mill cursing is not censored, so the clip below is NSFW:

In addition to her slurs and weird comments about the couple's sex life, she calls it a "disgrace" that the couple lives next to her. Clearly, the one without any grace, or class for that matter, is Berryhill. Even if you can put aside her hateful words (you shouldn't), the circumstances reported by The Advocate seem to point to her driving drunk:

Last Tuesday, Charles Hardy and his partner had just returned to their San Angelo home from a birthday dinner for the latter, when, Hardy tells The Advocate, around 9 p.m. while they were walking from their car to a nearby trash container, a speeding vehicle nearly ran them over.

Not to mention she parked in the middle of two spaces. She's so hateable.

I've met a lot of girls like Berryhill before -- entitled, spoiled and just pretty enough to skate by without any personality or redeeming qualities. Did I get a shot of her with a double chin on purpose? Maybe. Bullying bullies doesn't count.

Another quality Berryhill doesn't have is smarts. She may have just been a hateful, drunk white lady caught being awful, but she identifies herself by name on camera. This can mean only one thing: she's so desperate for attention that she's willing to ruin her life for it.

There will be the wrong type of people who reward her for her behavior, people who are also bullies. I won't cry when karma comes for them. I'm just really, really happy it already came for Berryhill.

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