It doesn't take a rocket scientist to see the road construction all over the Permian Basin and go wow, that's a lot. It is frustrating for some, a headache for others and downright an inconvenience for many of us but what are you going to do? It is a reality in the 432 and we must acclimate unfortunately.

Workers will have really kicked it into high gear on Loop 250, 191, and all over city streets in the Permian. However, there is no state busier than Texas, as we have 4 cities that rank in the top 15 for open projects:

*San Antonio





In the Midland-Odessa area, you see a lot of it. Half-finished new homes and apartment complexes that have been sitting deserted, surrounded by fencing--scaffolding still in place, with no windows installed yet. Roads closed in Odessa or lanes reduced from 4 to 2. It absolutely means good things for local economies, for workers who work tirelessly and thankless trying to get the task completed. Our new way of life for the time being I guess is a small price to pay for how things will be years ahead with the new changes.

New Austin Super Tower Will Be The Tallest Building in Texas by 20 Feet

Currently, the title of the tallest building in Austin goes to The Independent, and the tallest in the state is the JPMorgan Chase Tower in downtown Houston.

This new structure will better those by 300 feet and 20 feet respectively -- and bring the title of "Texas' Tallest Building" to the Capital of the Lone Star State.
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