I'm all about scanning a handful of items on my own and hurrying out of the grocery store, we all are right? But I believe that if there's one thing that will unite every side of all the aisles it is we all despise forced self-checkout. Now a man down south of Corpus Christi, TX will not be facing charges after his dealings with one of these pesky machines.

First things first: STOP FORCED SELF-CHECKOUT.

I visited my dad in Carthage over Spring Break and I saw something I haven't seen in years, like 10 checkers busily checking out folks at the tiny HEB there. It was kinda nice, felt like pre-2008 grocery shopping.

But back to self-check outs, by requiring folks to do it these stores surely realize that they are opening their business up to theft and other opportunities like this. But it's a calculated risk. And it's not a big leap to think that if it was a real person checking out customers this likely would've never happened.

I mean we've all been there, you get in a hurry and it's easy to forget to grab your change.

According to KRVG a Brownsville man "is not facing any charges after surveillance cameras showed him pocketing nearly $100 in change that was left behind at a Walmart self-checkout machine."

And while this man won't be facing charges, because the victim decided against pressing them, the BPD reminds us that this action is a crime and that there is no such thing as "finders keepers."

If this happened to me I'd have taken it to customer service, but I believe this guy. When he returned the money he told the police that he didn't think he was doing anything wrong.

Just another rule and law to keep in mind as we are required more and more to check ourselves out at stores across Texas.

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