They say everything is bigger in Texas and for those of you not originally from here, that is a fact. We like to do things bigger here. Our trucks are big, our personalities are larger than life, our food portions, can't compete and even our mums are larger than life. Wait, what is a 'mum?' I tend to forget that not everyone knows or has even seen one.

A mum is a Texas tradition for as long as I can remember. I had a new mum every single year I was in school to show off at the Friday night Homecoming game. In the beginning, my daddy would buy it for me but as you get older the tradition is that a boy you like or your boyfriend gives you a big, fancy mum to wear to the Homecoming game and possible dance that followed. Even better if your boyfriend played on the football team, you could display his name and football number on your Homecoming mum.

Autumn Mums or Chrysanthemums in bloom

And the key has always been to own the biggest and best creation. What started out as a chrysanthemum (thus the name mum) flower with a bunch of ribbon, bells, and whistles attached has evolved over the years. These days I have seen everything but the kitchen sink put on a mum, which is essentially comparable to a corsage for prom but much, much bigger and you wear it pinned to the front of your shirt.

So some students at a high school in Round Rock, TX may have just set a record for the largest mum ever created. How big? It is 15 feet tall! These students are part of the Stony Point High School floral design program and it was definitely a long labor of love for them but despite this gigantic 15 foot creation, they say they hope to make next years even bigger!

Check out this amazing 15-foot-tall mum! This belongs in the Guinness Book of World Records for sure!


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