this weekend
If you listened to Leo and Rebecca this morning, you probably heard that I got a tattoo live on the air! It's true. Thanks to Tweety from Evil Ink, (at 1811 N. County Rd. W. in Odessa) I got my daughter's name along with some beautiful paisley artwork.
extreme jLo fan
Now this is a FAN-atic! I have a friend who is such a fan of J-Lo she got this tatted on her forearm. Jennifer's actual signature, the way she signs autograph's for fans. I love it but it's a little cray at the same time. lol
I recently read an article about tattoo removal. Tattoo's that people are most likely to get removed. Check out the top 5, see if you have any of these: 1)your ex's name 2)dolphin 3)misspelled quote 4)barbed wire 5)a star....
Nicole Richie recently said in an interview that she was a '19 year old idiot' when she got a few of her tattoos. But she regrets one imparticular and it's not for the reason you might think...