I recently read an article about tattoo removal. Tattoo's that people are most likely to get removed. Check out the top 5, see if you have any of these: 1)your ex's name 2)dolphin 3)misspelled quote 4)barbed wire 5)a star....The ex I get, a misspelled quote or phrase, omg you should have spellchecked. lol That is a given but I don't understand why anyone would want to remove something as simple as a star? Maybe just because they regretted getting it in the first place? I tell my teenage son who knows I have one, (his and his brother's name) that I waited until I was 30 years old to get one to make sure I would never regret it or want it removed because I hear the removal is painful! Have you ever had or wanting to get a tattoo removed and why?