Oh My Gosh I Need This In My Life For Eggs
All I have to say about this is wow. I saw this on the shelves at the grocery store the other day and thought to myself of all the lazy, crazy, unnecessary inventions in this world.....then I thought wait a minute, maybe I need one! lol
Egg Issues
For the love of all things HUEVO, can someone tell me how to do this the right way? I boiled some eggs lastnight to go with my dinner and I'll be darned if this didn't happen. I'm practically down to just the yoke because apparently I don't know how to boil a stinkin' egg th…
My Experience Shopping For Easter
Easter is this Sunday! So I made the trip to the store this week for the 'Easter egg hunt' goodies, such as basket, grass, candy filled eggs and THE EGG DYE! Have you seen the shelves lately? There is so much to choose from these days....