City of Midland

Time To Take The Kids For A Swim
It's summertime and you know what that means? Pool time! My kids are already hitting up the pool and I know yours are doing the same. The City of Midland recently released photos of the newly renovated Washington Aquatic Center, 1601 E. Indiana Ave.
Think Outside The Box With the City of Midland
I am loving the idea of this new contest being held in Midland called 'Think Outside the Box.' The City of Midland is looking to add some color to downtown by having local artists create a work of art on the dull, grey traffic utility boxes. Bright colors are also a way to prevent the…
doug russell rocks!
This is not the way I remember city pools when I was a kid. Back in the day, you just got a square pool. LOL Nowadays these pools look like Mini Water-parks!
Not mad at  the City of Midland and how cool the new Doug Russell aquatic center looks...