Why I Eat Apples For Breakfast
I've always heard that apples can give you the same kind of caffeine 'jolt' that coffee or sodas can in the morning. Apparently they contain vitamins that are released once you consume them that can make you feel more awake. Cool stuff huh?
Bring On The Goodies At Work
One word: YUM! Current workplace sitch. I love, love, love days like this when the boss brings in some goodies! Leo and I ate like a king and queen this morning with those cinnamon rolls and bagels...
Breakfast Is Served-From Whataburger
Chicken biscuit anyone? Maybe a taquito, bacon or sausage with salsa verde? THIS is what is for breakfast for Leo and Rebecca in the morning. A big thank you to our friends from Whataburger, it was delicious! Don't forget that you can hit up Whataburger at any time for more yummy food like this…
How Do You Like Yours?
As heard on Leo & Rebecca in the morning, how do you like your Pop Tarts? Rebecca loves chocolate fudge Pop Tarts, fresh out of the toaster. Leo is weird. lol He likes strawberry Pop Tarts, NOT warmed up, gross.
Try This To Make The Perfect Bacon
As I was making breakfast for my littles this morning, (mother of the year I know-lol) I realized something. I make bacon differently than most if not all peeps. I learned a little trick years ago from a family friend and I've been making bacon this way ever since.
New Breakfast And Lunch For ECISD
If your little ones have been enjoying their breakfast and lunch pick-up since school has been out, ECISD has made a few changes to the TIMES and LOCATIONS that both will be provided:
MISD/ECISD Breakfast And Lunch Schedules
This should help restore your faith in humanity in these trying times. Props to MISD and ECISD for announcing that during school closures, breakfast and lunch will still be available to students. This will be a grab-and-go service where you are encouraged to follow school drop-off policy and the sch…
We Have A Rat In The Building!
This is why we can't have nice things! Our friend Gilbert was nice enough to bring donuts this morning, however a little raton that we have has to come and ruin it! That rat's name? LEO!
My New Breakfast Obsession!
I have found my new morning breakfast obsession! Bae introduced me to this little bit of heaven on earth and I personally think it's the best thing since sliced bread. JS. Here's the thing, I'm pretty sure everyone knew about this caramel-filled, wafer, waffle whatever you want to cal…
Rosa’s Has Added A New Location For Breakfast
Yeah baby is all I can say when I hear that Rosa's breakfast is doing so well at their Faudree Road location, that they have decided to add another! This morning the Andrews Hwy. Rosa's Cafe began serving breakfast as well.

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