TikTok has me trying some crazy stuff. I know I'm not alone when I say that almost weekly I try new recipes, new cleaning hacks and the other day I discovered the solution to something I have been trying to figure out for quite some time. You know that you can literally search almost anything on TikTok and find a video for it right? That's exactly what I did to find out how in the world to do this.

I have a few pairs of shorts and jeans that I need to be SHRUNK! I need them shrunk down a couple of sizes and I've always wondered how I could do that. Someone once told me all I had to do was wash them with hot, hot water in my washing machine. Yeah no that doesn't work. Tried it. Several times.


But TikTok put a little bit of a different spin on it and had me boiling my shorts the other day. I sure did grab one of my biggest, oldest pots, fill it with water, let it boil, and then shove my denim cut-offs down inside for 30 minutes as instructed.

Woman Accidentally Dyeing Laundry Inside Washing Machine

Now the the million-dollar question you ask? Did it work? Did my shorts shrink several sizes as needed? Umm yes and no. Yes, they shrunk a tad bit in the boiling water but not nearly as much as I needed them to. So I would definitely say this 'hack' is both good and bad. So here I am down for any suggestions once again because I have a few more articles of clothing to shrink.

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