In a recent interview, former WWE female wrestler Stacy Keibler revealed that before she began dating heartthrob George Clooney, she had to first make sure there was one bad habit that he did not have....

smoking. She says smoking is a definite 'deal-breaker' for her, she has never dated anyone who smoked because she hates it! Even though I find that hard to believe, because who would say no to George Clooney, lol, it's true. There are little quirks that a person can have that would prevent us from wanting to get involved with them.

A friend of mine once dated a guy who lied all the time when the truth would have been better. Dumb things he would lie about, like he drove a certain car and actually didn't or he had a boat but really didn't. Why lie about things like that? To impress? Like we're not going to find out eventually? Dumb. Either way these are deal-breakers. What are some reasons you have not or will not date a person for?

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