If you're like me, Walmart is a way of life. I am there quite often, in and out to grab a few things but even then a quick trip can become a 'people of Walmart' episode real quick. I'm used to the strolling in your pajamas and house shoes by now and every now and then you might catch a glimpse of some plumbers crack, only at Walmart but one thing caught my eye the other day and had me thinking can they get in trouble for that?


So I'm strolling down the aisle, minding my business grabbing the few items on my list and I smell french fries. Immediately I'm thinking to myself, I will probably be stopping at McDonald's on my way home after this because now they will be on the brain until I do!

Then I notice where the smell is coming from, a lady shopping with her toddler was keeping him occupied with fries. Look I get it. A mom of 3, at one time they were all toddlers and I remember the dreaded trips to the grocery store having to keep them entertained so they would refrain from screaming up and down every aisle that they wanted whatever was on that particular aisle.

Photo by Caique Morais on Unsplash
Photo by Caique Morais on Unsplash


But then she did something that caught me off, guard. We were in the condiment aisle with the mayo, mustard, salad dressings, etc. This lady sure did grab a bottle of ketchup off the shelf, open it up and squirt some on her kid's fries!

My jaw was on the floor, like wow even I would never do a thing like that. The kid wasn't even crying for ketchup! So in her defense, she did put it in her basket thankfully, indicating that she fully intended to pay for it but wow!

I had to find out if she can get in trouble for doing that. Here's what I found, according to this law website, 

you need to have committed the act of taking the item and have the intention of evading the checkout counter in order to be found guilty of shoplifting, according to the law.

So NO it is not against the law to do what she did and she did put it in her basket, she wasn't going to run out of the store with a bottle of ketchup and drive away but dang lady! I feel guilty when a store offers my kid a free piece of fruit while we shop like I hope they don't think we're stealing this. lol To each his own I guess.

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