So, the other day Rebecca showed me the latest Tik Tok challenge. I believe LIZZO made some noise with this as well. Anyway the challenge is where you take a piece of watermelon and put some mustard on it. Yeah, looks pretty gross. As it is, there isn't too much we put mustard on.


  • Hot Dogs
  • Pretzels
  • Hamburgers
  • Sandwiches/ Submarines

Well, I guess we can add WATERMELON to the list!

So What Did I Think Of Watermelon with Mustard?

So, I grabbed a piece of Watermelon and thought what the heck. I'm not going to lie, squirting some mustard on watermelon felt weird. LOL.

I mean I can literally say I have never done that..

And, what did I think? You know it really is a weird thing once you put in your mouth. Your mind is really trying to decipher what the heck is going on? I could literally feel my testbeds saying "WHAT's HAPPENING HERE?"

It's not bad. I was preparing for something worse but actually it was okay. The best way to describe it is that you know how strong mustard comes over? Well, the Watermelon actually kind of 'neutralizes' the mustard shock taste. Almost making the mustard less 'tart'. It really is a weird thing but actually very edible.

Am I Going To Start Putting Mustard on Watermelon?

Um NO! Let's not get crazy. It was an okay experience but nothing to go crazy about. There really is no need to do it a continuous basis at least for me.

But, hey have at it!

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