Leo and Rebecca Buzz Question - What do you guys think? I say our FRIDGE AND PANTRY are off limits to guest. My husband say it's no big deal. My husband will have friends over and literally tell them to help themselves to our fridge and pantry. The other day one of his friends was all up in MY PANTRY. Look, I don't mind offering them whatever they want, but I feel I or my husband should get it for them and not have them ALL UP IN MY FRIDGE and pantry right?


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YES I hate when people do that like I’ll get whatever you want for you but don’t be goin through my fridge & neither should yo kids

1st of all who has guests over without some Carne asada cooking

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It’s matter of good manners, etiquette & respect to other people’s house. If u got manners then u don’t help yourself on anything in someone else’s home. Wait when offer to u.

If it’s close family I don’t mind but anyone else they should have respect

I feel blessed when a family member or friend opens my pantry and finds a snack in there because it makes me feel like they are comfortable and feel the love we have for them.
When I was 21 I lost one of my best friends to an accident, one of my favorite memories of him was him stealing my sons goldfish and gummies all the time from the pantry when he had the munchies I would gripe him out at the time and he would just giggle like *my bad*


If you're going to finish my snacks better bring some more next time is all I'm saying

Hernandez Jr.
Just don't touch my 🍺🍺🍺!!!


Pantry? I thought you said pantys!
Nobody is allowed to even come over, so I agree, Nobody would even have a chance to even get to the fridge or pantry.


I agree 100%! Guest shouldn’t been in your stuff. They need to respect your home.

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