Leo and Rebecca Buzz Question - SO, I might be asking for a friend. Um, If he bought his girlfriend some BOOBS and 4 months later she left him....could he ask her for the MONEY for the boobs. It did not end well, and now he feels like she OWES him for the Boob Job! Could he get the money back?

Here is what the 432 had to say about it....

Stacie DeLeon King
Absolutely not. Lol. Nice try though.

Tamara Carter
If it was a gift then no. If it was a loan then yes.

Ana Torres
If a woman keeps asking for work done she’s only with you to get it paid for ‍♀️

Rebecca Hernández
He should had known better ‍♀️

Ricky Licon
No wedding band then no booby bands

Ricky Barrientes
I bought a vag rejuvie, keep that.

Cisco Castillo
· Reply · · 36m
Ricky Barrientes
I've paid student loans. Keep that.

Fabian Ruiz
Her new dude be like, “those are my t*tties now punk!”

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