Can someone please tell my why I was in Lubbock last weekend and did not know Shaquille O'Neal was there? (insert crying emoji here) My man said to me, 'did you see the pics of Shaq in Lubbock, Guns' up and all, while we there?' I was like excuse me...come again? How did we miss him? So here is the 411 of what went down...

Apparently he was hired by Texas Tech to make an appearance in Lubbock to showcase his skills on the turntables. 7' 1'' Shaq hit up the 1's & 2's! Or should I say "DJ Diesel' was spinning the tunes just before the September 11th Texas Tech football game where Tech played and won against the Stephen F Austin Lumberjacks.

So is there anything the man cannot do? A successful NBA career, he dabbled in law enforcement, I've seen him in heat patch and The General insurance commercials, was in a movie about a genie who comes out of a boombox and grants wishes and is a chief fun officer (CFO) for Carnival cruise lines. I see his photo everytime I step on a cruise ship! I also remember that recently Leo and I talked on the radio about how he was in a jewelry store and bought a complete stranger's engagement ring.

Generous, talented, fun and he definitely brought that energy to Raider Alley as an EDM DJ. Huge shout out to our sister station in Lubbock, TX, KFMX for the video footage of Shaq arriving at the Engineering Key on the campus of TTU.

Students showed up by the hundreds as Shaq held 'Guns Up' for his performance. Yeah I'm bummed I missed out on this one. Shaquille O'Neal brought it back to Texas, yeehaw!

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