Robb Bank$ is a force on the microphone. The Florida rapper displays his lyrical prowess once again on thew new single titled "Bett" produced by Nuez, YXXXNZ and Stain. The song is the latest joint from the Bank$ vault as he preps for his C2 project.

"Griffith pull up in a spaceship/It's a celebration/I bring home the bacon/So fly got the vacant/Me and yo bitch dating/Accuse her ass daily/We in the bed fading/My fist in her anus/Phone all in her playlist/The latest, the greatest/These specs in my face, so I Cartier framed it/My tags made of paper, my glock got a laser/Street nigga with sense, 50 armored AK/Phone on the Ridge, come find me/Too big for that underground shit, don't confine me/I'm a killer, don't push me, watch how you walk by me/Got 10 on my dick, bet your hoe try to buy me/I'm the king of poppin' all the shit, call me Mikey/Your main bitch off the wall, I can tell that she wildin'/I'm a wizard when hitting/I shoot from the side/And I put my Draco onto all you Hermione's," Robb Bank$ raps on the opening verse.

As you can hear on "Bett," Robb Bank$ certainly has a way with the words. The Florida native will look to take things to another level on C2, the sequel to his debut mixtape Calendars. A lot has changed since Calendars dropped in 2012, but Bank$ has called C2 a return to his roots. It will be interesting to see how that plays out on the record.

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