I know a lot of people think pet costumes are stupid and they're right. They're the absolute best kind of stupid ever! Just look at this insanity!

found on: listas.20minutos.es

Who wouldn't want a dog lion? Someone come take a look at this. Just come take a look at this. This dog looks absolutely thrilled to be sporting what looks like a giant furry leg warmer. That is a look of pure happiness right there folks.

found on: capitola.com

Bruh...It's a Great Damel. You and your girl dress up like Aladdin and Jasmine and it's go time! Get you a cat dressed up like a monkey in a shriners hat and it's over. You may as well enter every costume competition in town and just line your pockets because there's no way you'll lose.

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Don't worry. Their boo is worse than their bite. If you have a whole gaggle of pooches at your disposal and you haven't done this, I don't understand what you're doing with your life.