Nothing makes much more angry than the kind of scum that can do this to a struggling local business. I have a personal relationship with Patriot Games. They help host my events for Children's Miracle Network FREE OF CHARGE just because they want to help the kids and are always ready to give back to the community.

These guys have always been good to me and the community and someone broke into their store last night stealing thousands of dollars worth of equipment and merchandise.  I hope who ever did this can read this right now. I have something I'd like to say directly to you.

The man you stole from is a war veteran. He served his country in a war and was willing to die for it. He isn't rich and he can not afford to lose all the merchandise you have taken. You could very well cause an honest hard working man to lose his livelihood. If you can live with yourself knowing that, just know this, thousands of dollars worth of gaming equipment is pretty easy to recognize. You will get caught.

If all my gamer and comic nerd friends could share this I would be grateful. If you'd like to help Patriot Games recover at least some of what they've lost, here is a link to their gofundme account. Any little bit helps.