The heads of ERCOT and the Texas Public Utility Commission are both saying that the lights will stay on and air conditioners too while Texas reaches record heat this summer.

According to the Texas Tribune, the state's power grid is ready for the extreme heat this summer or so says Texas PUC Chair Peter Lake and ERCOT President Brad Jones.

Both are saying that there is plenty of reserve power available this summer as opposed to summers in the past which is a direct result of the disaster in February of 2021.

ERCOT President Brad Jones said he cautions Texans that are looking for renewable alternatives to beware of "times that are dark and still," which he concludes there will be no sun or wind power to sustain renewable energy.

The only bad thing for Jones is that when the sun is shining and the wind is blowing, the energy that is not being used is being stored, so when it is dark and still, there is energy in the reserves of a solar power system or a wind turbine system to power a house till morning.

The two heads that oversee the energy system in Texas are asking for state citizens to conserve energy as much as possible but don't assume the grid is unstable.

“Conservation is a good thing,” said Brad Jones. “Conservation is what we should do every day in our lives, conservation is how we treat our use of water in the summers, and when it’s very hot, I hope that each of you will turn to conservation as a way to both lower your [electricity] bill as well as to help all of us in the market.”

I would say to look into renewable energy for your own house and that way you don't have to rely on an energy grid that might or might not fail during the extreme summers in Texas.

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