I was super excited to see this for almost a year when I first heard it was coming to Midland. The weather was pretty much perfect (except for one small patch of rain) and the performance was nearly flawless, but then again, that's what makes Nitro Circus what it is. The flaws of the show are as much a part of it as the successful jumps.

I was thinking about it and I realized, that's what makes Nitro different from any other stunt show. At any other show, you see a bunch of professional stuntmen do tricks they've rehearsed a million times. At Nitro Circus you get some of that but you also get adrenaline junkies going for stunts they aren't sure if they can pull off. That's what makes it the only show like it in the world. A rider even pulled off a stunt that NO ONE had EVER previously landed in the entire world, right in front of us. If you missed it, you missed one amazing show.

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