'I will never get used to being called ma'am,' said no Texan EVER! However, these words were not spoken by a Texan, they actually came from a woman born and raised in New York who moved to Texas, and recently on TikTok (of course) she shared several culture shock moments she had upon moving here. 


It is no surprise to anyone that her very first observation is the driving situation. According to @mswolfmath, no one uses blinkers, (turn signals), you get cut off in traffic a lot and she also claims that many Texans 'drive unnecessarily large pick-up trucks.' Well Ms. Math, I can't argue with you much here. I DO use my blinkers, it is a pet peeve of mine that some don't, I get cut off plenty and dang near every person in my immediate family owns a truck!

Left signal.

Of all things this TikToker commented on, kolaches, or 'pigs in a blanket' as some of us refer to them. Apparently NY knows nothing of this fantastic breakfast item. It's a shame. We love our kolaches, @mswolfmath is pleasantly surprised by what she calls, 'a bun with nothing inside.' lol

HEB-this TikToker claims that HEB has a 'cult following.' Well duh. Don't you know the 3 letters stand for Here Everything's Better, or that no store does more than my HEB? An outing to shop at HEB can turn into an all-day affair, get used to it!

Aaron Savage, Townsquare Media
Aaron Savage, Townsquare Media

And finally, same HEB but this time the cashier. The TikToker says she may never get used to a polite person calling her ma'am. Yet another thing you have to get used to. In these parts, we know manners and respect. We teach it to our children, we practice it daily. I don't know how things are done in New York, I personally have never been but after that comment, I may never want to visit where apparently they are rude!

@mswolfmath I will never ever get used to being called “mam” 😂 #teachersoftiktok #texas #katespadenyonthemove #CinderellaMovie ♬ Wii Shop Channel - McTweet

The JUNKIEST Place in Texas!

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