Since we live in such a big, beautiful state it only makes sense that we get outside and enjoy it. Which is why we should be celebrating the fact that Texas Parks and Wildlife recently gave us information about 5 new Texas State Parks that are currently in the works.  

As of now there are 89 Texas State Parks, natural areas and historic sites for residents and visitors to enjoy. We are fortunate to have so many even in a giant state like Texas seeing as how 95% of Texas land is privately owned. Which is another reason that we should enjoy all the public lands that are available to us.  

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Details About 6 New Texas State Parks 

Putting together plans and then executing on 5 new Texas State Parks is going to take a lot of time. In fact, according to Texas Parks and Wildlife this project will take place over the next 12 to 15 years. Each park will need time and money to design, plan, and construct. But the good news is that these projects are underway, and that really is fantastic news. 

Let’s Look at the New Texas State Park Areas 

As you would expect the professionals at Texas Parks and Wildlife have strategically mapped out the areas for these new parks. They are in different areas all over the state which should benefit all Texans and those visiting the lone star state. Let’s look a more of the details as far as where these new Texas State Parks are going to be. 

5 New Texas State Parks Being Developed

These 5 Texas State Parks will be worked on over the next 12-15 years.

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