I had no clue 'adult carsickness' was a thing. As a kid, from about age 5, I stayed sick anytime we would leave town, I stayed nauseated. (that always meant riding shotgun) I thought at some point I would grow out of getting carsick but I have not. Well now, unfortunately, my kids are just like me. 

I now know exactly what my parents dealt with on road trips and family vacations because now I have to do for 2 of my children what my parents did for me. Sit them in the front seat, AC blowing directly in their faces, the seat leaned back for a snooze, and settle in for a road trip.

However, Apple truly thinks of everything and I recently heard that they are launching 'vehicle motion cues.' This is supposed to help combat motion sickness. What is one thing that could prevent a person from looking at their phone will in a moving vehicle? Getting carsick. And that is the last thing Apple wants from iPhone users.

Ben Harding

So what exactly will this vehicle motion cue do? According to Apple,

 it just looks like animated black dots around the edges of your iPhone or iPad screen, which MOVE to represent the movement of the vehicle.

This should help some people, because,  motion sickness is commonly caused by a sensory conflict between what a person sees and what they feel.

This makes perfect sense to a person who suffers from motion sickness. Apple also shared that the feature can be turned on and off as needed in settings.

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