Buzz Question - Should I Stop Dating This GUY Becasue He's A HORRIBLE DRIVER? Because, that's what I feel like I should do. He's a great guy but he has told me he has received traffic tickets before and while in the car with him, yeah I was holding by breath because of his driving. I think I'm done. Good reason?

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Maria Ruiz Prieto
Yall there has been plenty of times I have gotten onto my husband's ass for driking recklessly. "Dude WTF is wrong with you, I don't want to meet Jesus today!" I totally get it... yall are just dating so just break up with him or teach him how to drive responsibly, it will be bad in the future were yall can't be in the same car, take family trips, him picking up kids from practice/school.

The reason doesn’t have to be good for anyone but you. Everyone wants to make sure their choices are socially accepted. Why? This is your life live it how you want. people will always judge regardless of what you do. If you can’t live with the way he … See More

Next thing she gonna complain about how it puts gas lol #WOMANALWAYSCOMPLAINING

If you don’t like him then just break up with him lmao complaining over driving? Really

Your safety shkould be foremost the most important thing. If his driving makes you uncomfortable then that should be a big sign that yes, you don't want to hang with him and therfore not be with him.

I use to date someone who was a horrible driver and I stayed with him. And, I regret it. We almost got into so many accidents and yes he literally was always getting traffic tickets as well. I would totally couble think what makes you happy and want to date him. There is nothing wrong with not dating him anymore especially if this is always going to be one of your worries.

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