Sooooo I need ideas for things to watch on Netflix. . .or Hulu. . .or Amazon Prime. Ok I may or may not have a problem. There's just something about having that many shows at your finger tips all at one time that just gets me. My brother and I definitely watched waaaaay too much TV growing up and it shows with either of us. Ninja Turtles Movies? We can quote any of them word for word. . . No, that crap Michael Bay vomited on the big screen doesn't count.

Family Matters? Seen every episode at least 5 times. Happy Days? Munsters? I Love Lucy? I Dream of Jeanie? I call that classic Nick at Nite Programming. Alex Mack? Are You Afraid of the Dark? Clarissa Explains it All? Shoot, Teen Disney wishes they had a line up like that.

Help take a brotha down memory lane. Where's the good stuff at? I know my B93 peeps got the 411 on the good good.