It's National Fajita Day! Yep, time to hit up some fajitas here in the 432! Who doesn't love fajitas? I have literally been in line at Rosa's Cafe' and changed my order because I saw someone else's fajitas come out. And the smell, well, yes it overtakes everything.

Question:  Do you hit the Steak, Chicken or Shrimp fajitas?

I'm definitely Steak or Beef! My second choice would be chicken. AND yes I love shrimp sprinkled in just for good measure.

The Sizzle of the Fajitas

The power of the sizzle. I'm telling you THAT SIZZLE makes all the difference. When an order of fajitas comes out and that smoke and sizzle is there, it's over.

So, What Places HERE IN The 432 Do You Think Have Great Fajitas?

I of course love Rosa's Cafe's fajitas. They do come out with a sizzle. I'm gonna be honest, I'm not turning down fajitas from anywhere. Do you have any recommendations when it comes to fajitas here in the 432? I'm sure their of plenty of restaurants that have awesome fajitas. What are some of your favorites?

Do You MAKE Fajitas At Home?

I sure do. The best thing about making home made fajitas is that you can add any kid of vegetables to them that you want.  I actually will make my homemade fajitas out on the outside grill. Easily can add my own flavors to them.

So,on this National Fajitas Day here in the 432 I say we go out and discover some awesome fajitas. And, try some new places!  So next question? When is it national MARAGRITAS DAY? Hey, they go great with fajitas right?




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