I am having one HELL of a Monday. Maybe my phone nerds can help me figure out what's going on here. I plugged in my phone last night, the battery was at 36%, I went to sleep, and when I woke up there was a solid red light on my phone and that's all. No matter what I push or how long I hold it, the phone will not turn on.

Ha! I can't turn it on. That's not the first time a man has had trouble turning something on. Am I right ladies?

Seriously though, I'm beyond pissed. Those of you who follow me on Facebook know how active I am on social media and Facebook is my crack. Yes, I know some of you younger kids don't use Facebook anymore because old people are on it. I'm OK with this lol. You basically gave up the best form of social media without a fight. Facebook is basically Instagram, Youtube, and Twitter all rolled into one. Yes there are a few small perks with each one but Facebook is by far the most extensive and user friendly.

That's beside the point though. I WANT MY PHONE BACK!