Leo and Rebecca Buzz Question - I own SEASON TICKETS to the Dallas Cowboys GAMES and me and my best friend have been going for years. Well, I got married this past SUMMER and my new wife just informed me that SHE WANTS to start going to the games with me and I better notify my best friend. Dang, I don't know how to tell him HE"S OUT after all these years. The thing is... is that I really don't want to go with my wife. Suggestions?


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Ah, reminds me of the days I used to take not my wife to the games. Good times

Buy her friend and her a pair of tickets ✅ you go w yours and she goes with hers and then when you’re ready to be married well then start going with her😁


I say compromise! Does she even like watching games? Is she a huge fan? I would not take this away from my hubby. I would want to go to some but not all! So pick the games with ur buddy then her.


Talk to her and let her know you'd like to finish off the season with your best friend since it was already planned and season tickets were bought! That's what I would do if it was hubby n his friend


Buy her a ticket too


Tell her if she wants season tickets she should have naught them like y’all did that y’all went n halves n well that’s that ur buddy isn’t gonna give his ticks To her
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Tell her your friend puts out after every game and if she starts coming she’ll have to follow suite… prolly change her mind real quick. If she agrees then #winning!
In reality Marriage is a compromise. Bring her to some but maybe jot all the games you still need you time when your married. Men rarely get me time. Women get hair and nails done lunch/ dinner dates with the girls… guys work and go home. You don’t get all the games with your friend but some of them is what i would do. It’s about making memories too!!!

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That's a tough one. Yes, tings do change but it doesn't mean you have to give yup the things you did before you got married. Maybe, you can TAKE HER to Dallas with you and go to the games without her. Maybe she doesn't want to go to the games but wants to still spend the weekend with you. Be creative bro and welcome to being married!

Your stuck MIJO! Mira, things are going to be different now. Don't get your Vieja mad.

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