Buzz Question - So, I do KEEP IN TOUCH with a lot of people from back in the day. Whether it is High School or co-workers from the past. Well, the other day I got a text from an Ex-co-worker and my husband noticed. I told him hey, no biggie...we just KEEP IN TOUCH. He straight up said 'Keeping In Touch is CHEATING!  Wow, that's pretty broad statement. Really, does everything have to be scandalous. Can't you just KEEP IN TOUCH with peeps?


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Keep in touch is keep in touch... friendships from back in to present day is not cheating.
Now if u are keeping in touch with people that you used to like/date/romanced with then yes that is cheating in my opinion.

Smh ! Just dont keep in touch with anyone... that way you aint cheating

Controlling issue much??? better not even talk to that waiter or it’s cheating!!! Lol GTFO someone ain’t secure with his relationship.


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