Leo and Rebecca Buzz Question -  6 months living with my girlfriend and when we first got together she told me that when her Ex husband comes into town every now and then to see thier kid.... he STAYS WITH HER when he does come to town. Well...it hasn't happened yet but he's coming in 1 week and she's told me he's staying with us. Wow, she did warn me way back, but honestly don't feel good about it now. Can I offer up a hotel for him or do I have to go with it because I had no problem when she first told me???

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Liliana Cruz
Award for the biggest dumba$$ goes too.......he'll no that's disrespectful, might as well invite him in your bed also. Invite your ex to stay at your house and see how she feels about that. I understand the kids but he can stay at a hotel etc

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Darren Tryon
Dude, grow a pair. Take off your apron and tell her you're not comfortable with it.

Irene Gutierrez
I believe this is what she is shooting for ‍♀️
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Benjamin Gavaldon
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Veeyyarreal Nada LaNorra
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Maria Ruiz Prieto
That's hella weird! Ummm why though?? Is it because if the kids, if so offer a hotel down the street. I understand going to the park/eating out with the family together, those are good co-parenting things BUT not sleeping in the same house!

Dalila Ontiveros
Give it a shot. ‍♀️

Ana Torres
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Ricky Barrientes
all I can do is laugh. You guys are the best. Love yall!
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Myra Valverde
WTH ‍♀️ nope that’s really weird the girl might as well be with him again lol

Michelle Haney
I think if that’s how it was done before and they are just parenting that was fine. But there’s a whole new dynamic now so I’d talk to her and tell her it’s uncomfortable and why not a hotel. I know she wouldn’t be ok with your ex coming for a sleep over………

Christopher Brown
When he rolls up, assert your dominance by peeing on his leg.

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