Leo and Rebecca Buzz Question - Here is the issue. My GIRFRIEND'S EX has the same name as I do. Well, now that we are living together, SHE HAS DECIDED TO LEAVE UP all th things THAT THEY GOT TOGETHER WITH THIER NAMES ON IT. She say's it's no biggie because that's my name too. There is a HEART in our kitchen which she got with him and both of the names. I don't why it's bothering me but it kind of does! Right?

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Norma Estrada If your man asks you to do something none life changing what is the big deal just do it. She would flip if the tables were turned, probably even make him buy a whole new house. Side note if she has that much stuff with the guys name on it then it’s more of an obsession and she still can’t let go of him either.

Ronda Mitchell Maybe her psychic told her that that was her soulmate so she went and bought everything in his name

Rebecca Hernández
Rebecca Hernández No respect for you at all..... all those items have a meaning behind it and your NOT THE REASON.

Josh Roman She has no respect for you man

Kimberly Boyette Problem would have been solved if you had already taken them down long ago... boys!

Albert Tarango Have your name legally changed to Nancy!

Maria Ruiz Prieto oh no..... thow that shit out, and get new decor please!!

Courtney Holdampf I hate it.

Stormy Self.... Run

Tessa Rowell... Justified.

Gabriel Prieto I DGAF what name was on it as long as its attached to the other guy throw it away!!

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