Never enough donuts? You got that right! Get ready because here come the donuts.
Brand new to the 432 get ready for Shipley Do-Nuts!
According to their Facebook, they are set to open up on Friday April 9th!
They are located in Midland at 5210 West Wadley next to Dickey's Bar B- Que Pit!

Their website states....

It was 1936, the end of the Great Depression, when Lawrence Shipley, Sr. created a gourmet recipe for Do-Nuts. So delicious were the Do-Nuts that they have withstood the test of time. Cut by hand and served hot throughout the day, the Do-Nuts were 5 cents a dozen and were only sold wholesale. The product was so successful that it started to sell on the retail market in the mid 1940s. With Lawrence Sr. away on do-nut routes, his wife Lillie would stay behind and make the culinary delights with Lawrence Jr. at her knee.

They have been doing donuts for a while and NOW they are here in the 432! They will have Donuts and Kolaches and of course drinks!
Looking at the menu I see...Do-Nut Holes, Plain Glazed, Chocolate Glazed, Chocolate Iced, White Iced, Cherry Iced, Strawberry Iced, Maple Iced , White Iced w/ Coconut, Chocolate Iced w/ Coconut, Chocolate Iced w/ Walnut, Chocolate Iced w/ Sprinkles, Strawberry Iced w/ Sprinkles, White Iced w/ Sprinkles, Blueberry, Lemon Filled, Strawberry, Apple Filled, Cherry Cream, Raspberry Filled, Chocolate Filled and so much more!

Welcome to the 432 and I'm ready to pick my faves!

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