Leo and Rebecca Buzz Question - I was previously married and my ex has kept my last name. My fiancé is so mad that my ex has not changed back to her maiden name. There's nothing I can do. Me and my ex do not have kids together.  How do I get my fiancé to see that I'm not in the wrong?


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You need to run here..if she is upset over something you cant control..her level of understanding is off..and the fact that you are here asking for an answer ..means it is a big deal ..the way she is acting is very child like

She wants to control people's lives that she isn't even involved in tell her she needs to offer your ex to pay her fees and help do the footwork to change her last name back to her maiden name

It get expensive and time consuming to change everything back. Tell her to get over it or you need to recognize that this is the beginning of your life and I’m willing to bet, she will be the next ex.

Just take your ex back she already has your last name your having problems am she don’t even have your last name yet lmfaoooo

Tell her to send ex wife money to change it.

Can’t make her do something she’s not gonna do

It’s more common for ex wives to keep their married name even after divorce. One, it can be expensive to change it back. Second, it’s a hassle changing everything into your married name, imagine having to do it all over again but going back to your maiden name ‍♀️ Some people don’t have the money or time for all of that. Your new girlfriend needs to be understanding before she becomes your ex girlfriend. She needs to choose her battles because this one ain’t it!


You can't. Women are very stubborn. Your best bet would be to tell her to get over it or get out of the relationship because no matter how long you guys stay together she will always have something to say about it. You don't want want to be 60 years old and still hear about your ex still has your last name do you?


My fiancé and I got engaged a couple of months ago, and not even a week later after word got around of the engagement, the ex changed her name back on fb to his last name...we got a kick out of it and moved on. Joke is on her cause he planned to most awesome and perfect engagement...I'd be jealous too


She’s just gonna have to be mad.

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