Have you ever noticed in some restrooms at grocery stores or restaurants there may be music playing? I notice it more and more which means it must be 'catching on.' I have to say I love this concept!

Thank goodness for the person who said, not only should we have music inside the establishment, go ahead and turn it up so the people using the restroom may enjoy the tunes too. Or better yet, for those of us who have no desire to hear the girl in the next stall, on the phone (on the toilet mind you) crying, begging her boyfriend to take her back. Or the crunk girl at the bar telling her friend how she is going to find so-and-so and 'tell her something' for flirting with her man! You get the picture.

Better still, thanks to the music, I don't have to hear my Tia Tencha in the stall next to me taking care of business because the comida upset her stomach. TMI, tia! Pay attention next time you are in a public restroom, suddenly the elevator music never sounded so good as opposed to what may be going on in the stall next to you, plop, plop...just sayin'.

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