My friend Marcus asked this on Facebook yesterday and it got me to thinking. I dunno about you guys but my mom didn't run off to get a proper beating item when I messed up. She either had something she kept readily available or she grabbed the closest thing she saw that looked like it could be swung at someone at a fast rate of speed.

A lot of people tell the tale of La Cchancla de  la muerte, but in my personal experience, a hot wheels track could make a pain wash over your entire body like no other. I remember the fateful X-mas Eve night that my beloved Paw Paw brought my brother and I the Hot Wheels set complete with double loop de loop. We were so overjoyed like complete idiots not even knowing the terrors that would soon befall us at the hands of a toy brought to us by our loving grandpa. To this day I still think my mother is slightly evil for turning something meant for joy into a torture device lol.

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