Missy Elliott is undoubtedly one of the most influential artists in the music game. Last week, the veteran rapper delivered another visually-creative video for her new single, “I’m Better.” Now a new documentary on Missy’s musical legacy is in the works.

Last a week, Missy released a one-minute teaser for the doc, which gives fans a preview of what to expect from the project. Artists such as Pharrell Williams and Busta Rhymes praise Missy for changing the game and paving the way for other female emcees.

“She came out of nowhere and just completely blew people away,” said Pharrell in the video above. Bussa-Buss adds “She just came out of nowhere with this frenzy of not only being a dope female MC, but being unlike any other female MC prior to her.”

Other industry vets like Mona Scott, June Ambrose and music mogul Sylvia Rhone also salute Missy for breaking the glass ceiling in the male-dominated rap industry and changing the music culture. "She cracked the code for females in the business and then she broke the mold," said Rhone. "Cause there's never been another Missy Elliott."

There's no word on when the documentary will be released. Nevertheless, this film is long overdue and certainly worth the wait. In the meantime, you can watch Missy's new video for "I'm Better" below.

Watch Missy Elliott's "I'm Better" Video Feat. Lamb

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