You know if you made TMZ, it's never a good thing. My only concern is how this will effect venues' decisions to bring bigger acts to Midland / Odessa again.

People are always complaining that there's never anything cool to do here and no current artists ever come to the 432. Check out this video.

Things like this is why. It never fails. Someone brings a legit current act here or something for the younger crowd and things like this break out. If you want nice things in the 432, stop acting like you don't know how to handle having nice things. This was down right ridiculous. Larger cities have acts like this all the time and there are very few incidents considering the amount of people. I don't know about you guys, but I like having cool things to do here and things like this happening ruins it. Why would ANYONE trash the only venue ever to bring acts this big and this current in this area?

Thank you to the promoters and venues bringing artists like this, and I sincerely hope that next time people keep in mind that how they act, effects the decision to bring bigger shows and more acts to this area.

To the people involved in this behavior, thank you for setting the 432 back. . .again