When you first start dating a person, it's all fresh and new. You're in love, having a great time then after days, weeks, months, and years go by, the new wears off and there you are...annoying each other, dealing with each person's bad habits. According to psychologytoday.com, only 10% of marriages in the US are highly healthy and happy. Scary but true.

It happens, nothing wrong with it, it's completely normal. But what if you could have known back then that this person did some things opposite of the way you do them? It might have been a dealbreaker no? Opposites attract indeed.

Let's have a little fun and make a list of quirky little things you now overlook because you love the one you're with but back in the day if you would have known, you might have RUN! Red flag, red flag, red flag. lol


  • he likes the thermostat on meat locker-you're always freezing
  • Thermostat, Home Energy Saving
    Olivier Le Moal
  • he loves country music-you're a rock star or a rap goddess
  • Woman pressing phone control button
  • he dresses so bright and colorful-your closet consists of 20 shades of black
  • Young woman choosing clothes
    Milenko Bokan
  • he loves to vacation at the beach-you prefer beautiful trees and rocky mountains
  • 200261415-001
    David De Lossy
  • he is used to ice baths from high school sports-you cannot shower comfortably if the water is not scalding hot
  • Woman taking a shower
  • he must watch the highlights on ESPN before bed-you need peace and quiet to fall asleep
  • Young woman trying to sleep but disturbed by noisy neighbors and covering ears with pillows
    Damir Khabirov

    I think all of these are where our typical relationship squabbles begin. Spouses, partners, significant others, we can't live with 'em, we can't live without 'em! As I said before, all in good fun, why not add to the list of how you and your boo are opposite and what might have been a deal breaker in the beginning of your relationship!

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