'MayThe FORCE Be With You!' The infomous line from the Star Wars movies. And today is May the 4th.
Yep, today is the unofficial Star Wars hoiday. So, if you see a lot of Star Wars stuff today, now you know why.

One of the collest things you canj do today is put 'Baby Yoda' into your pics. Thanks to GOOGLE, they have made it possible to do so today on this May the 4th Be With You Day! Here is what ou have to do to have fun with this. Just open up GOOGLE on your phone. Apparently this only works on your phone and not laptops, but I'm not sure. So, once you go to GOOGLE just search 'Baby Yoda' or 'Grogu'.

The cool thing is that you can put 'Baby Yoda' anywhere and pretty much make him any size. You can also make a video of him.
This is what Star Wars... May The 4th was made for.

So today would be a great day to watch one of the Star Wars movies. Today, I wold probablty pick 'The Phantom Menace', not my favorite Star Wars movie but I'm in that kind of mood. Yep, I'm in a Jar Jar BINKS kind of mood.
And of course you will probably see TONS of MEMES today. As it is, Baby Yoda memes are still pretty popular. I still see those 'Baby Yoda' memes on the daily and Yep they make my day.

So here's to your May the 4th! May the Force Be With You!

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