Most.disgusting.thing.ever. Unfortunately this is not the first or last time I have heard of this type of situation happening. A man in Montana literally dug through his dog's poo to retrieve his $500 the dog had eaten. Yep, five crisp, brand new $100 bills. Apparently the dog had a history of eating whatever he could so when the money went missing the man instantly knew 'whodunnit.'Wow! Imagine having to follow your pup around for days waiting for the dog to go doo?

Normally I would say a big heck to the NO, but we're talking about 500 smacks here! This story does have somewhat of a happy ending....the dog owner did get his money back, in bits and pieces and now that he's cleaned it and put it back together he plans on trying to have the bills replaced by the Department of Treasury, a process they say could take up to 2 years. Is it worth it at that point?