Happy St. Patrick's Day! Green, Green Green! Isn't that what you think of on this day? I mean, Green Beer and wear green, right?
I literally own 2 green shirts and had to find one for today.bruno Anyways, I thought it wold be fun to make a list of some of my favorite GREEN things.

So....in no particluar order....Baby Yoda.....Kermit the Frog...The HULK...Kiwi's....Green Grapes....Green Chicken Enchiladas...Gucamole / Avacados...Asparagus....Brocolli....The Green Latern...The Statue of Liberty....Pistachios...Salsa Verde....MONEY!....Fresh Cut Green LAWN!....Green Jolly Ranchers...Green Apples!....Lettuce....Green Day The Band...Zuchinni...Green Sherbert...Christmas Trees...The GRINCH!...Pears!...Jalepenos...

Do you have any plans for today? Are you going to take part in St. Patrick Day festivites?

You know sometimes you don't realize what is green and what is not green. We played GRENN OR NOT this morning with one of our listners and they pretty much nailed it. There were a couple of answers where I really had to think twice and ask myself, is that green? ARe Pistachios really green? LOL You know, you see the shell and think they are not green, but of course the seed itself is. Pineapples? Are Pineapples green? Think about it the outside of a pineappkke is green, right? Onions? Yep, there are of course green onions.

Then there are the things that you can make green. Have you had green pancakes or green eggs and ham! LOL ANd, of course lotf of grren DRINKS! Green beer, green maragaritas and even grren sodas and stuff!
Whatever you do GREEN or not, be safe today and don't forget to wear your grren shirts, pants shoes or hats!

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