Lil Wayne is looking to expand his presence in advertisements. After appearing a Super Bowl ad for and starring in three new ads for Samsung, Lil Wayne tells Ad Week that he wants to act in more commercials.

The New Orleans rapper said that acting in commercials is an enjoyable experience. He hopes that his performances for the two companies result in more opportunities.

"I tried to do my best," Lil Wayne said. "I tried to do what they wanted me to do and not do Lil Wayne. I took that away from the situation and approached the scene as if I was just the guy that they chose to play this role. With that said, I did it that way because of course I could've approached it like I'm me and I'm going to say it how I want to say it and how my fans and what they're expecting to see out of me and I didn't do that. So I approached it like I want to do this [appear in ads] more so that whoever is watching would be able to say, 'I like what he did and we could probably use him for this."

Lil Wayne also stated that the advertisement world is new to him as the spot was his first commercial. The Young Money boss feels that he's not in a place to call any shots either.

" was my first ad," Wayne said. "I've never been involved in anything like that. With that said, we're just so humble to have the opportunity. We're not at that point where we have to be like, 'Okay, let's see, we're not going to do this.' We're not like that over here. What do you want us to do? We're pleased to do it and thanks for considering us and what time should we be there."

Head over to Ad Week to read the entire interview with Lil Wayne.

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