I had no idea how serious my son was about learning how to play the bass. He asked a few years back and I took him to lessons and taught him myself but he just didn't have the patients after a few months. He was only 7 years old then so that's completely understandable.

Now he's 12 and a couple of moths ago he decided to pick it back up. I honestly didn't take him seriously. I re-taught him a couple of things but never thought he would stick with it. I was dead wrong. I found out Saturday evening how serious he was and how hard he had been working and it dropped my jaw.

I sat and watched as my son played along with about 20 songs back to back and while most were't perfect, every single one of them was close. I don't think I've ever been so proud of him. He can play just about anything by Avenged 7x. Don't worry guys, he still loves his hip  hop as well. He's just like me in music. He can't decide what his favorite is but he knows he loves it all. Kent Jones said it best, "You know I love em all."

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